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Dengue Fever
June 29, 2006

Check out this introduction article on Dengue fever:

Daveed Riem, Leyden, Holland
June 21, 2006

Referring to my message of May 7, 2006, “ImmunoStimulant as a ‘fire wall'”, I would like to add the following. I wrote then that during the period I applied ImmunoStimulant I remained free of any infection. I had finished the Spray and I planned to take another cure at the end of the year. Three weeks later I repeatedly fell ill with intestinal and bronchial infections. Only later I realized that having stopped the ImmunoStimulant cure some weeks earlier could well have caused the drop in my resitance. After having been assured that continuous use of ImmunoStimulant does not impair its effectiveness I of course have ordered a new Spray. Daveed Riem, Leyden, Holland

Malcolm & Anne
May 31, 2006

My wife and I recently trekked through Vietnam for over a month from the hills beyond Sapa to Jungles near Cambodia. Strange honeymoon but we loved it. We got a lot of Mosquito bites, even with DEET spray on. My wife cant take antibiotics so we purchased the Malaria Spray for our journey and then Andrew reminded us that Dengue fever was probably more prominent, so we bought the Dembarrah 200 as well. We relied purely on these sprays to cover us. That was 3 months ago. We have had no problems and considering our locale we feel the spray were an excellent insurance.

Martin Jackson
May 20, 2006

I just wanted to tell anyone out there, with lung /breathing problems, just how brilliant, the lung repair spray is. I would recommend it to anyone ,i have used it after years of problems with malaria etc, and it’s stunning

Rebecca Fenn
May 12, 2006

My family and I travelled to the Congo for the first time this year and used only the Blue Turtle products. We are extremely satisfied with the ease and complete protection that the products provide us with. I even used Dembarrah200 as a way to mitigate the effects of the Yellow Fever vaccination that U.S. law requires travellers to have. While everyone else in our group suffered tenderness, swelling, and fever I had no ill effects at all. I am a firm believer in products that can help keep us healthy without making us sick. I think the Blue Turtle products are the real thing.

Tonnie Cremisino
May 11, 2006

Thank you for getting our Dembarah, Demal, and Typo to us quickly and in great shape! We took the remedies with us to Indonesia, and used them prophylactically. Everyone stayed nice and healthy. It was great peace of mind to know that we were protected from potentially dangerous diseases! I appreciate your products. Tonnie Cremisino

Tony Marsh
May 11, 2006

Having used the above for our trip to Malaysia last Christmas we will be ordering a fresh batch for our trip this year to Singapore. My family were very reassured being able to use this medicine and our trip would have been overshadowed somewhat if this had not been available Our Many Thanks!!

B Lindsay
May 11, 2006

Thanks for the speedy delivery of your homeopathic remedies (even overseas!). My husband and I traveled to southern India in February with our four children (9,6,4,and 2 yrs.) How relieved I was to find a homeopathic remedy for malaria, dengue fever, hepatitis, and typhoid fever. We were in India for 1 month, and never had any symptoms. I was so much more comfortable taking these remeies rather than the side-effect laden prescription Malaria medications!

Geneva Stewart
May 8, 2006

I am looking for anyone that has used this product for emphysema, COPD, and tell me what this product has did for you. You may email me at Thank you, Geneva

Karen Hedges
May 7, 2006

I stayed in The Gambia for several weeks in the rainy season and was quite reluctant to take traditional preventative medicine due to the side effects. Demal 200 was easy to take and carry around, did not have any nasty side effects and I stayed malaria free. My friend took the traditional preventative medicine and was quite ill with dizzy spells. It is thought this is down to her tablets. This has continued for 6 months. I will definately use Demal 200 next time I am in a malaria risk country. I have even had it sent to someone in Africa who had malaria. They are fine now and appear malaria free.

Sheri Lopez
May 7, 2006

I did a lot of research before my trip to India and had heard that the vaccines were not good for you and also that they did not always work. So, I thought there was no good reason to take the vaccines. Also, they are VERY expensive. I searched and found Blue Turtle. I was in Israel two weeks before I went to India. I started the regimen with Dembarah, Hepatex, and Demal200 while I was there. I was careful to drink bottled water in India, but I drank their coffee and tea (I doubt it was made with bottled water.) The mosquitoes were delighted to see me and I had many bites during my visit. (The American mosquitoes don’t find me nearly as attractive as the Indian ones did.) I just want to say that I have a missionary friend who suffered greatly with Dengue Fever in Cambodia while taking all the conventional immunizations. My husband died of liver cancer due to having chronic Hepatitis B. So I wanted protection from everything. And, I GOT IT!!! I was sharing with another minister about my trip to India. She asked me if I was very ill while I was there. I told her I did not get sick. She told me that I am the first person she has ever heard of that went to India and did not get sick! I am not claiming to be the only person who ever did not get sick while visiting India, but I do know that Dembarah, Hepatex, and Demal200, bottled water, and the blessing of the Lord kept me from getting sick while I was there. OH! Also, the price of all three remedies was less than one Yellow Fever Immunization. I have recommended Blue Turtle in the past and will continue to do so. Good job! Thank you so much. The Lord bless you in your work…..

Daveed Riem, Leyden, Holland
May 7, 2006

Because of a year long chemo therapy and a TBI (total body irradiation) in preparation for a stemcell transplantation to fight multiple myeloma, the ‘hard disc’ of my resistance was wiped clean. This was in 2001 and since then I had to start building up my immune system from scratch like a baby again. Although I am improving by the year I still suffered from colds, flue and persistant bronchitis. When my doctor/acupuncturist suggested to look at the Blue Turtle site for ImmunoStimulant I did and ordered it right away. The 20th of February 2006 I received the ImmunoStimulant Spray. From that day I have used the ‘maintenance dosage’: one spray under the tongue in the morning and one in the evening, say once in 12 hours. I work full-time in an office and to my amazement I have not fallen ill since February while my colleagues all actually did! Most of them were absent for at least a week. I have felt the virus allright and for some nights I went to bed early but I did not fall ill, did not even develop any fever which up till February had been a recurring ‘feature’ and going up to 39 degrees Celcius in no time. Needless to say that I find the working of the Spray more than satisfying The bottle is now almost finished but be sure I will order another beginning October as that used to be the start of the ‘bronchitis season’ for me.

May 7, 2006

Recently I traveled to Nepal and Thailand and choose to use Demal for Malaria and Dengue Fever prevention. I was in both countries for 3 months and returned very healthy. Demal was easy to use and convenient. However, I do not believe I was in contact with either diseases so I cannot say that the product actually worked against the illness. Though in my experience with other travelers I believe a homeopathic alternative and preventative measures are the best way to go for many people.

May 6, 2006

I also would like to see some feedback from someone that has used this product. Thank you

Don Williams
April 24, 2006

My Wife and I travelled to the Eastern Transvall & Kwazulu Natal (November 2004) in South Africa, we used Demal 200 and both my brother and sister who live in the area and frequently travel to Mozambique use it for them & their children ( age range 3 – 18). No side effects, plesant taste much nicer to use than tablets & no Malaria.

Franny DMT 23
April 12, 2006

hehe a note came with this saying “the affect is subtle” I beg to differ…. the affect is rather profound!!!! absolutely amazing product!!! i could feel within 1 or 2 hours, and by 2nd day, i literally cant stop laughing & giggling. thankyou andrew!!! PS. i come from a entheogen background.

April 12, 2006

yes. I too am trying to find out about treatments and would like some feedback.

April 5, 2006

During a trip to India for 3 months where I helped organize the stay of a group of 25 travelers, my husband and I were the only ones who didn’t experience any side affects from our anti-Malaria treatment. Others taking conventional medication experienced symptoms that included kidney pain, hair loss, and severe constipation, and several had to visit the local physician. The area were in is known for its high population of mosquitos, where in spite of precautions, one inevitably gets bitten. We were thrilled to have an effective, non-toxic anti-Malaria remedy, that tasted great, too! We will always use it on future trips and highly recommend it. my pages:

V. Blundell
April 3, 2006

A local Travel Agent gave me your website. I am indebted to them! We have a daughter who is an avid student traveller but unable to take vaccinations due to childhood illness. In fact our whole family prefer natural alternatives so we were delighted to find a vast range of helpful products available to us from Blue Turtle. Our daughter was roughing it around S.E. Asia last summer, suitably armed with Demal200, Dembarah200 and Immuno Stimulant, and returned with her health fully intact. Lack of side effects was a hugely welcomed asset and the nice taste of the products ensured that our daughter, often forgetful, would always remember to take them! Knowing Blue Turtle is there for all future travels is a great source of comfort and gives peace of mind. Our whole family are now regular customers! Telephone advice is excellent and service is fast. I really hope the whole world gets to hear about Blue Turtle!

Gary Hayman
March 27, 2006

I am seeking correspondence from users of this spray as I have a mother (74yrs) who is diagnosed with severe asthma/emphysema and would appreciate any information and response about its effectiveness.

Tricia Carter
March 24, 2006

Dear Andrew. My Husband and Son were infected with Dengue from which they recovered though they did not feel 100%. We researched the internet for Dengue imformation and found out that if one gets a second Dengue infection while the first one is in one is blood then this will be much more serious. At the same time we found out about Dembarah and ordered it. Before using it my Husband and Son took a blood test that confirmed that the Dengue was still present in the blood. They both used the Dembarah for 9 days according to the course for Chronic Dengue. Then they had another blood test for Dengue. This time the test came back negative. We were so suprised and very pleased. We now know that there is a cure for Dengue Fever. We feel pretty sure that it would work during an attack of Dengue. Now we feel more secure to stay in Bangladesh knowing that we have a good medicine to rely on. We also want to keep some of your other Medicines handy. Thank you so much from the Carter Family.

Larry Hardie
March 7, 2006

My wife and I just returned from visiting 5 countries in Africa using demal200 and had no symptoms of malaria or any side effects from the medication.On our previous trip we used one of the standard recommendations and experienced some side effects.We may live in Africa for a year or two and will use Demal200 for sure.

Susan Hayes
March 7, 2006

I purchased Demal 2000 on behalf of my daughter who resides with her family in Zambia. I notice there is an agent in Zambia so willpass this information on to my daughter. Kind regards

March 4, 2006

Your site is very interesting and quite useful for me. Thanks.

Eugene Hayes
February 13, 2006

I used the product prior to my departure, during my visit and after my visit to Zambia…and I happy delighted to say NO MALARIA! despite being bitten alive! It was easy to use, tasteless and there were no side affects. I was delighted with it and would recommend it 100%!

Michael Betoin
February 12, 2006

I recently did a one month tour of India, taking in a lot of stuff off the beaten track. Being an Holistic Consultant, I refuse point blank to take toxic drugs and tablets, so I was relieved to find the Blue Turtle range of Homeopathics. I also had Dembarah with me and both were quick and easy to take, with no side effects. Others I met on regular anti-malarial tablets had stopped taking them because they were making them sick ! From start to finish, the Blue Turtle experience was first class and I will not hesitate to use them personally in the future and recommend them to my clients.

Vickie Oughton, United Kingdom
January 29, 2006

I have been travelling to kenya for five years in february and december for six weeks at a time and could not face another 10 weeks of larium, it didnt cross my mind to go with no protection but i knew i had to find an alternertive and i did dermal200 I ve just spent 6 weeks in kenya with no side effects, not one stomache upset in all that time, it dosnt taste bad its easy to use and several people i spoke to are now going to try this homeopathic remedy the next time they visit thankyou i’ll definately use dermal200 again

Duncan Drage
January 28, 2006

As we were going to sri lanka we wanted to take something to guard against malaria ,but after reading the side effect from the coventional medicines we were horrified. so after serched the web we found this site. just right it was exactly what we were looking for . brilliant product easy to use were off to mexico this year so will be buying more demal 200

Tony Marsh
January 23, 2006

I was very appreciative to have this medication available on our recent trip to Malaysia. Our holiday would definitely have been less enjoyable had we not had the daily doses available for the whole family. Many thanks for the peace of mind. Thoroughly recommended.

Linda Krikorian
January 23, 2006

I recently went to South Africa to the Krueger Park area where Malaria may be contracted from Mosquito bites. I took some homeopathic medicine for Malaria, bug bites & parasites, as well as Demal 200 to boost my immune system. I did get 3 mosquito bites despite the homeopathic liquid to prevent bug bites. But I did not get malaria or anything else for that matter. I have not gotten even a cold or the flu since the end of November (two months). People all around me are sick with colds & the flu. So I am very pleased with the Demal200.

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