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Vickie Oughton, United Kingdom
January 29, 2006

I have been travelling to kenya for five years in february and december for six weeks at a time and could not face another 10 weeks of larium, it didnt cross my mind to go with no protection but i knew i had to find an alternertive and i did dermal200 I ve just spent 6 weeks in kenya with no side effects, not one stomache upset in all that time, it dosnt taste bad its easy to use and several people i spoke to are now going to try this homeopathic remedy the next time they visit thankyou i’ll definately use dermal200 again

Duncan Drage
January 28, 2006

As we were going to sri lanka we wanted to take something to guard against malaria ,but after reading the side effect from the coventional medicines we were horrified. so after serched the web we found this site. just right it was exactly what we were looking for . brilliant product easy to use were off to mexico this year so will be buying more demal 200

Tony Marsh
January 23, 2006

I was very appreciative to have this medication available on our recent trip to Malaysia. Our holiday would definitely have been less enjoyable had we not had the daily doses available for the whole family. Many thanks for the peace of mind. Thoroughly recommended.

Linda Krikorian
January 23, 2006

I recently went to South Africa to the Krueger Park area where Malaria may be contracted from Mosquito bites. I took some homeopathic medicine for Malaria, bug bites & parasites, as well as Demal 200 to boost my immune system. I did get 3 mosquito bites despite the homeopathic liquid to prevent bug bites. But I did not get malaria or anything else for that matter. I have not gotten even a cold or the flu since the end of November (two months). People all around me are sick with colds & the flu. So I am very pleased with the Demal200.

K Bentley
January 14, 2006

My 10 week old son and I travelled to Colombia recentley to visit family and I decided against taking Larium, the anti-malarial suggested by my local GP. We both took DERMAL200 and I found it very easy to administer to my 3 month old and it seems to have been very effective. Would definitely use it again. Thanks

Diane Osei, Tutu
January 12, 2006

Dear Sirs: It is my absolute pleasure to endorse demal200. All my life I’ve suffered with severe allergic reactions to medications and was distraught with having to take a prescribed medication with so many side-effects in order to travel to Africa. I searched the internet until I found your product. While abroad my husband took the traditional medicine and complained of headaches everyday, while I used the demal200 with great success. My husband had to return to Africa and this time he used the remainder of my demal200, and was very pleased. You have customers for life.

January 11, 2006

After spending three month in SE Asia with my 8 year old we have come home healthy and malaria free, thank you!

Joyce Kubitz
January 11, 2006

Thank you for having such a great product that I felt comfortable using. The more conventional anti-malarial things had warnings and many bad side effects. Demal200 was a real blessing.

Patrick Neill
January 10, 2006

Sir Just a quick note to say ‘thank you’ for this product. I used it on a trip to Zambia/Botswana late in 2005. Being paranoid about the use of ‘normal’ drugs and their side effects, it was a relief to be able to use Demal 200 against Malaria. No side effects WHATSOEVER and it tasted so nice I was never in danger of forgetting my dose! Patrick

Oli Force
January 10, 2006

I have been in a Malarial area for four months now and have had no problems what so ever. It is very reasonably priced, tastes good and the lack of side effects is great! I would recommend this to anyone, even go out of my way to tell people due to some of the horrific side effects of most prophalactics.

Tom Boyle
January 6, 2006

In march 2005 i used HEPATEX 200, demal 200, dembarrah 200 and typo 200 during my visit to burma, laos and cambodia. i enjoyed the trip immensely and came home free of any symptoms or disases or, just as importantly, side effects from injections. i recently had a blood test to measure immunity and was pleasantly surprised to find i was immune to HEP A. i believe that the immunity was triggered by the course of hepatex i took during my march trip. it was the first time i had used these products so now my faith and confidence in them is sky high.

African Orphan Outreach
December 28, 2005

Dear Blue Turtle, Thank you for carrying this amazing product. We have several of our missionaries successfully using Demal 200 in the malaria zone of West Kenya.They have been using this over the past year. Several of the orphans they work with at the orphanage get accute and chronic cases of malaria. Many of them are orphans because their parents died of Malaria or AIDS. We would like to have Demal 200 available at our new children’s clinic so that these children will be malaria-free. Blessings, African Orphan Outreach

Maria Watkins
December 14, 2005

I am so grateful to have found Blue Turtle and Pancrea200. I was diagnosed Hypoglycemic as a child and have dealt with it’s challenges all my life. In recent months I have developed symptoms indicative of the onset of type II diabetes. I have been using Pancrea200 for about 2 months now with great success. My deep, sudden drops of blood sugar have ceased along with other wonderful changes. I no longer fear developing type II diabetes at all and feel highly confident that within the prescribed time I will be able to repair the damage and cure the hypoglycemia. What a relief! What a gift! Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Maria Watkins
December 14, 2005

I notice that the Hormone Spray is still not listed in the products list on this website. I have been using this product for about 2 months and have had noticable effects. My moon cycle has become regular, pretty much to the day! A miracle as it has not been regular at anytime for 28 years!!! I have also overcome my 24 hour monthly ordeal of great pain and incapacitation (on the first or second day of my cycle). Get this product out there! It’s great!

Don Lockart
November 22, 2005

Andrew, I used your product on a recent trip to India and have now returned to NZ with no effects what so ever,after hearing from people on our trip having horific dreams and other side affects from the medicine they had been prescribed.

November 8, 2005

I’m from South Africa… I bought Demal200 to use as a prophylactic against malaria for when I go to Mozambique for holiday. I have consulted my GP and we agreed to give Demal200 a go. I got quite a few mozi bites in the two weeks I was there and it has now been 2 months since I have been back and up to date I have no signs of malaria. It has a nice taste and absolutely no side effects. My GP is also planning on using this product and I’m recommending this product to any one who dislikes the side effects of the chemical prophylactics. Well done guys and thank you for this great product.

H Marshall
October 23, 2005

We used this product on an amazing safari trip in Kenya. We were among the few not suffering from side effects from their medication. Really great and easy to take. I’ll certainly use it next time.

October 11, 2005

I’m a relative newcomer to Demal, but can’t stop singing its praises to one and all; just back from a trip with a group that included a surgeon, who was most interested. Always much appreciated is the speed of sending out the order, also. Many thanks – and let’s all spread the word!

October 6, 2005

When I traveled in India earlier this year, I got talking to a girl about anti Maleria medication (at this time I was suffering with side effects from convensional medication prescribed by my local Doctor.) She mentioned that she was taking a herbal alternative. Having had to stop this particular medication I spent the rest of my trip worrying about potentially catching maleria. Having done hours of research on the internet, on return from India, for pros/cons of different products I have now choosen the ‘homeopathic option’. I am now in China, having been in South East Asia, I decided to take Demal 200 and the anti Dengue Fever product through out my trip. I am very happy to have come across this website. It has made my traveling experiences much less stressful.

September 30, 2005

I have to leave this message to all the doubters out there who think that homeopathy does not work. In August (rainy season) myself, sister, mum, brother and six year old daughter travelled to Ghana for three weeks. My daughter in particular was seriously bitten. We all took Demal as instructed and none of us became ill. No side effects at all and it tasted great!!!!!

Karen Mo
September 29, 2005

I purchased Demal 200 in preparation for a trip to Nairobi, Kenya, but soon after arriving learned that there was no threat of getting malaria, so I stopped taking it. During the first week there, other members of my team began coming down with strep throat and other ailments. At times in the evening I would feel as though the symptoms of something were coming on and I would take two squirts of the Demal 200 because I knew it boosted the immune system and thought it might help. Each time I took it, I felt fine in the morning and I never came down with any sickness. I don’t know if it was the Demal 200 that helped me to feel well, but I don’t doubt it. Thanks!

September 29, 2005

I have lived in the UK for the last 12 years and lived in Nigeria before that. I have not returned to Nigeria since I left. Over the last 12 years I have been plagued with low energy and poor immunity and couldn’t find the answer in alternative therapies or nutritional potions. Today, after taking Demal 200 I feel stronger than I have in the last 12 years, and there is a marked change in my health. I’m very glad I spoke to you on the phone and you told me quite clearly that once I started to have symptoms, I had to finish the course. I’m glad because in the first 2 days I felt quite sick. I had some familar symptoms. A frontal headache and that funny feeling behind the eyes – similar to when I had malaria 12 years ago. I also had vertigo near the end which I don’t remember from before. It took 3 and half days. In the afternoon on 4th day I suddenly had this spark of energy. It was if my light came on in my body. At that point the medicine stopped having any effect on me. I took it for the full 4th day and a little on the 5th to be absolutely sure. I’m still spraying it every now and then because I want to be absolutely sure that I’m now done with this pest. I feel dramatically improved in my health. As I’m sitting here typing I can actually feel energy in my body which is strange but true. It was probably been tied-up in my liver and now needs somewhere to go. I’d like to thank you very much for making this medicine available. PS: I’m the guy who phoned the other day from London who went to medical school in Nigeria where we learned “all about malaria”. WRONG!. They certainly never taught me that malaria can stay in someone’s system for more than 12 years. I’m very grateful for Demal 200.

Claire Tabony
September 27, 2005

I Purchased this product for a trip to Zimbabwe in August for myself, my husband, 14 year old daughter and 8 year old son. This was very easy to use, pleasant taste and my son had no problem with this as he would of if he had to take tablets instead. No side affects at all, none of us got any malaria bites either. I would strongly recommend this to anyone going to Africa, it’s much easier than taking tablets, and has a ten year life span, so we can use what’s left when we go again.

Giordano Puricelli
September 27, 2005

Dear Readers, I went to Botswana in August with my wife and we did not want to take standard pills for Malaria. We decided to go for Demal 200 and we have to tell you that it was really good. We had no problem at all!

Paul & Laura Davey
September 27, 2005

Our trip to Africa was our honeymoon and neither of us wanted any side affects that can occur from malarial drugs. We used Demal 200, which was simple to use and had no side effects whatsoever – and we didn’t get malaria! We had an excellent holiday and didn’t need to worry about malaria or any side effects. Highly recommended..

September 27, 2005

Just wanted to say thanks for the speedy arrival of my Demal200. It was ordered at short notice and arrived within a few days. For those considering purchasing this product, I would wholeheartedly recommend it especially if like me you are concerned about the side effects of standard anti-malarial tablets on pregnancy. Demal200 had no side effects for me and was an easy and conveinient method of protecting myself from malaria.

Helen Hutson
September 27, 2005

Having just returned from our latest trip to Kenya which was absolutely fabulous, I would like to say that using Demal200 was a dream. The kids got on really well with the pump action spray and they liked the taste! I feel better than I have done in years after completing the course and I will definately be packing a bottle for my forthcoming trip to Botswana.

Amy Exah
September 20, 2005

I recently administered Typho200 to a friend of mine here in Ghana who has suffered from Typhoid for many years on and off. As soon as I gave her the spray, she felt an immune response and then after one and a half hours of treatment, she felt wonderful. I even noticed that there was a renewed look in her face. She has felt great ever since and has not suffered from recurrent attacks since treatment.

Amy Exah
September 14, 2005

I have lived in GHana for the past 7 years and have suffered from Malaria many times. I recently heard about DEMAL and ordered some. I treated myself as a chronic patient, felt the low-grade immune response, and within a few hours I felt amazing. All the headaches that I used to have, almost daily, are now gone. The body aches are gone too. I continue to use it as a prophalaxis daily and I give it to my 9-month old son,who seems to instinctively know it is good for him and opens his mouth wide! He has been malaria-free! I feel confident and secure using DEMAL and will recommend it to anyone!

Cheri Santiago
September 14, 2005

Dear Sir, I am from the Philippines. We have long been suffering from the deadly effects of dengue from mosquito bites. My daughter was hospitalized for 5 days due to stage 1 dengue fever. There was no medicine available and we have believed this for many years. We just gave her lots of water and an IV for rehydration. She got well. Worse cases, get blood transfusion. The worst is death. I am interested to find out more about your medicine and how it can alter an epidemic like dengue in the Philippines.

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