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Holly Wallis
January 5, 2024
Covid pneumonia

We learned of Blue Turtle in 2021 after my husband was hospitalized with pneumonia from Covid. Our homeopathic dr told us about the Emphysema spray product. When he left the hospital both of the lungs looked like shattered glass on the X-rays. We were afraid he was headed to a long term change in his lungs. We started the spray and finished the antibiotics. He was on oxygen for anbout 6 weeks and lost a lot of weight during that week. We finished up the antibiotics but continued for about 3 months with the spray. Eventually we got rid of the oxygen, fattened him up, and by the 3 month mark the X-rays were clear. We are so thankful for the spray. 2 years later and no problems with lungs or breathing. Never had to see a specialist. Thank you Blue Turtle for the great products.

Julie Rowe
December 14, 2023
Viral200 on cruising holiday

My brother put me onto Viral200 after I mentioned we were going on a cruise but I was a bit nervous about covid as I have had several serious bouts with viruses over the years and had a really bad case of covid in July. We decided to take it as a preventative, even though we had had our 5 boosters, the last being nearly 8 months ago (but we both had covid only 4 months prior to our cruise). We used Viral200 until the last 3 days of our cruise when, in a moment of madness I think, we began to have doubts about taking something for an extended period of time without really knowing if it was doing us any good or not as we really didn’t know much about the product and mistakenly thought we should still be protected having only had covid four months prior. We continued to wear masks except for eating and drinking however a lot of staff in the dining rooms were sick and their personal hygiene habits when handling food was not good. On our last day of the cruise I started to feel unwell with headaches and sore throat. I started using panadol and throat lozenges, as I was testing negative to covid and thought it must be a cold. By the time we arrived home I was fairly unwell but still testing negative to covid. That night I had a shocker, coughing, extremely sore throat, terrible headaches and by now sure I had covid as these were the symptoms I had last time. The next morning (Monday) I did test positive to covid. By now I was very unwell. I decided to try Viral200 that morning (Monday). By Monday afternoon, I realised I was starting to feel a bit better. I kept using Viral200 and by the next morning I was so much better, my headaches had eased and I had no further need for panadol, my coughing was a lot less and my throat was feeling better. By that night I was feeling just so much better, I just couldn’t believe the turnaround. I was very unwell for 19 days with my last bout of covid and that was after taking antiviral medication within hours of being diagnosed. After this experience we will continue to use Viral200 and I have also ordered the Immunostimulant Spray to help boost my immune system.

Jessica Schouten
July 10, 2023

Two weeks after leaving Burundi, East Africa I came down with malaria. Fortunately, my daughter had made sure we had Demal200 in our possession. When I realized my symptoms matched those for malaria I began using the Demal 200. Within 8 hours I was improving from body aches, fever, and chills like nothing I’d ever experienced. The improvement proved it was indeed malaria that I was suffering from. I continued the recommended protocol and my improvement was remarkably speedy. It was truly amazing. I felt completely well by the third day. My daughter knows people in East Africa who suffer for years from malaria because they take the conventional prescription medicine, which cannot completely eradicate the malaria from their bodies. I am so thankful for the Blue Turtle Group.

November 10, 2022
Viral 200, Emphysema Spray, Scar tissue.

Started taking Emphysema spray Scar tissue spray in 2019. to treat chronic Sarcoidosis of the lungs. I could feel that my breathing was improving. over time, 2021 CT scan. “There has been significant reduction in extent of active disease”
2022 CT scan “Demonstrated further improvement”

October 24, 2022

I have been taking VIRAL 200 since near the beginning of the pandemic and have to say it has been a great preventative – highly recommend!

Rebecca Edwards
August 3, 2022
Demal & Typo200 use in Togo

Hello again! We are back in the States again after two years overseas and it looks like we will be moving back here permanently. Thankfully, our health was well taken care of (especially in relation to malaria and typhoid) while we were in Togo. We were so thankful for the Demal – while others struggled with repeat/chronic malaria (while taking traditional preventatives), only my husband got malaria – and that was because he forgot to take it with him whilst on a 3 day trip to Lome (he got typhoid at the same time too: it was horrible). It was an incredible blessing to not have to worry about malaria with our children, to never have them have to suffer through that.

Thank you again, for all of your help!


Annelies van Beest
July 12, 2022

I have been using Demal200 since my children were very little, in fact from the age of 6 months. We have lived in East Africa since the children were very small and whenever we visited high-risk malaria areas, we have always used Demal200. I am active in East African Tourism since 2001 and I have recommended this great product to all my clients. keep up the great work guys and thank you for us not having to take these horrific and over expensive anti-malaria drugs ( Malarone ) Demal200: recommended to all!

Virginia, N. California
October 5, 2020

I ordered and bought Viral200 for one of my Covid +ive patients who had been struggling with fever and respiratory distress for 4 to 5 days. I sent her the remedy and within 45 minutes of taking it she said she could breathe better and was 60% improved within 24 hrs. She was so excited: so was I!

December 31, 2021
Viral 200

Both my partner and I got Covid19 quite severely in December 2021. We took responsibilty for our unvaccinated status and decided to treat it at home, although we started a week late with the Viral 200. After several weeks we added the Emphysema Spray, Infection 200 and the Immunostimulant Spray to help clear the lungs and nasal passages. While the remedies did not dramatically slow the course of the virus (we are both in our 60’s), they certainly mitigated the symptoms. At the end of it we both felt clear and well with renewed energy. Blue Turtle were supportive during this time and the remedies were certainly effective.


Marleen K, France
June 5, 2020

Viral 200. I wanted to protect myself against the COVID19, as our tourist season is starting, and we are welcoming people from all over. I took the first spray before going to bed. That same night I woke up with fever, headache and a sore throat. I was soooo surprised!!! Without knowing I must have had the virus already, but never had any symptoms! With VIRAL-200 I have the chance now to get rid of all the residue still (apparently) present in my body. I have followed the treatment accordingly and have been really sick for the first day. Felt great afterwards!! Happy to have done this!

Peter R, UK
September 16, 2020

Ordered this because I had Pneumonia last year and wanted the best protection against the Covid strains. After coming down with a virus I took it and within 24 hours, I was clear. please bear in mind that it usually takes me two weeks to recover from a virus so this was amazing.

Nicola D, VIC Australia
September 4, 2019
ImmunoStimulant Spray

The ImmunoStimulant Spray helped me through a time of low energy and high demands at work. I also bought a bottle for a friend who was recovering from skin cancer and it seemed to help him with energy and healing during this period. I would recommend this remedy to anyone needing support during a time of healing, or for support when your body is worn, tired or depleted.

Sam, Perth WA
August 16, 2019

I’ve been using Dembarah200 to treat Ross River virus for three weeks now and so far so good. Its the first thing I’ve ever taken that actually had some kind of real effect straight away. It definitely made my body respond a little at the start as was described to me before I took it. I have noticed a reduction in rrv symptoms and hope to continue to see improvements as I finish the remainder of the treatment.

Anthony W, N. Cal USA
June 21, 2019

I am impressed with Lyme200 & the effects it has had on me & the pathogens. The herxing was pretty legitl & I had to work hard to clean out my system. I have noticed the persistent lingering symptoms slowly disappearing which is GREAT!!! Things I have noticed: My body temp has increased a bit, more energy throughout the day, less malaise & fatigue, better appetite & zest for life coming back to me! Getting my second bottle ordered and looking forward to seeing the continued positive effects with fingers crossed Lyme will be a thing of my past!

Anthony W, N. Cal USA
June 10, 2019

I contracted the Lyme infection after receiving multiple tick bites 3-4 years ago which made my life a major struggle ever since with 120 plus symptoms of pure hell. I have researched nonstop & battled this dreadful infection ever since with only natural products herbs,Ozone,pemf,hyperbaric,lasers,silver etc absolutely no anti-biotics because of the ill effects they have against the Borellia lyme spirochetes & the problems the antibiotics cause inside the body. Coming up on 4 weeks using the Lyme-200 and having some success, first 2 1/2 weeks yielded a strong herx reaction (Die-Off) so that proved to me the effectiveness lyme-200 has against the borellia bacteria. I am hopeful that taking lyme-200 & the Immunostimulant spray along with my other healing modalities I can eradicate the chronic persistent infection.

Gloria L Cooper
April 4, 2019

Have traveled and lived in two African countries for over 10 years. Have used Demal 200 the last 9 years and continue to share about Blue Turtle Demal 200 and it’s effectiveness. Thank you for these natural healthy remedies ♥️

Lorraine, Adelaide SA
March 24, 2019
Scar Tissue Spray

I suffered a traumatic injury after dislocating my knee. After using Scar Tissue Spray for just over a month I can feel the left over scar tissue disappearing. I also have full mobility back with my knee because of this. I can highly recommend this product, very happy!

Jerry, Cairns QLD
March 23, 2019

I contracted Ross river virus and suffered heavily for several months with sore joints and tiredness & the symptoms seemed to come and go since then, it wasn’t until a year and six months after i contracted the virus that I took the Dembarah200 & haven’t noticed any of the symptoms and it is about six months on now with no sore joints or tiredness.

Catriona, UK
February 11, 2019

We have been using Demal200 for years on our family holidays. Between the 5 of us we have been to India and many parts of South East Asia, South America and Africa. We are careful to cover up in the evenings and use mossie sprays as well but I am totally convinced of the efficacy of Blue Turtles products.

January 16, 2019

I contracted Dengue Fever in Fiji during an outbreak and was so thankful for this spray! I was so nauseous, feverish and weak but i had my phone on timer to remind me for each spray and the improvement especially over the first day of treatment was miraculous! one happy customer! Great phone support too, thanks.

Neil Hopkinson
December 29, 2018

We and our clients have used Demal 200 whilst travelling in Northern Namibia and Botswana and cannot recommend this product enough. We will continue to use and to recommend this and other Blue Turtle products for future adventures, Thank you Neil

Joy Nelson
December 25, 2018

I heard about Demal200 from a missionary to Burundi. I purchased it as I was headed there to be a teacher. I have used it every day for months here so far. . I have not contracted malaria yet!

December 22, 2018

We went into the Kalahari in Botswana and we had a nice time. We felt sure with Demal200 and so we were not afraid about mosquitos. Also ok was order and payment.

December 19, 2018
Demal & Dembarah200

I purchased Dembarah and Demal200 for my son when he spent a month touring Cambodia. No sickness at all. These products were recommended to me by a wonderful homeopath and they and the others in the range will be the only treatment I would take or recommend my family take for any future trips too. and I have just given these same products to a friend travelling to Laos and North Thailand.. she contracted Dengue as a child.. so there was only ever going to be one product I would recommend…

Hendrik Dierich
November 7, 2018
Demal & Dembarah200

Demal 200 & Dembarah 200 combat altitude sickness. I have just returned from trekking in Nepal. Prior to leaving Australia I inquired about which vaccinations were suggested for that region – malaria, Dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis. Some parts of Nepal have a sub-tropical climate! Ok, I was never going to get vaccinated but now I knew to get the homeopathic equivalents (Demal 200 and Dembarah 200). I started taking then profilactically 2 weeks before I left Australia (as recommended in the instructions). Now I did not get Malaria or Dengue fever but I was in for a pleasant surprise! Others in my trekking team were taking various antibiotics and pain killers to deal with altitude sickness (we were trekking to 5400 metres), stomach upsets, headaches, nausea and diarrhoea. These are all quite intense at altitude and can be serious. Demal 200 and Dembarah 200 dealt with most of these issues for me. I took no antibiotics, some soluble Panadol and Hydralyte (to keep fluids down – it is a soluble salt and mineral drink given to diarrhoea sufferers). As we climbed I upped the dose of the homeopathics to four sprays four times a day. I kept this up till we descended back to around 1000 metres and halved the dose. Once back in Australia, I reduced it to 1 spray twice a day … till it ran out. Overall, I am very impressed with the manner in which the remedies covered me for broad spectrum altitude sickness – something they were not specified for – and for malaria and Dengue fever, which I also did not get. No side-effects, fantastic outcome. I highly recommend these two products!

Vicki Blundell, UK
November 5, 2018

This year we travelled independently around a number of countries in Asia, equipped as in the past with Blue Turtle remedies, and again returned intact, healthy and free of all bugs. We have never had to use Blue Turtle remedies for treatment presumably because they have been so effective in a preventative capacity. Next year we shall be going to Malaysia and North Vietnam, armed with Demal200, Dembarah200, Typo200 and ImmunoStimulant. We have had no side-effects and we feel protected. Mosquitos seem to love me so I feel Blue Turtle acts in my defence. We always use ImmunoStimulant for long haul flights to ward off any nasty air flight bugs which tend to fly around the cabin. Our children, too, have used Blue Turtle remedies for their far-off travels to places including India, and likewise have always emerged with a clean bill of health. What price can you put on health? Blue Turtle remedies give you peace of mind when travelling.

Janie Borisov
September 14, 2018

I used to get malaria every time I went to West Africa. Not since I’ve discovered Demal! I’ve been back to Africa and other malarial areas many times since and never been sick again. I also successfully got my old malaria out of my system, so no more sudden spells. I’ve recently discovered Dembarah200 and was equally impressed, getting my old dengue out and not getting sick despite myriads of mozzie bites in Congo, Gabon etc etc. Thank you for making a huge impact on my health!

March 5, 2018

I found Blue Turtle site while searching for a homeopathic remedy for malaria. Then I discovered they also had a spray for typhoid. I am working in PNG and had suffered twice from typhoid…despite having the appropriate vaccines. … so I was eager to try it. I followed the directions for chronic cases or carriers and felt it definitely helped to boost my energy levels and improve my general health. I am thankful for this homeopathic spray as which has helped get the lingering effects of typhoid from my system.

February 24, 2018

I serve as a short term missionary in Burundi, Africa and first heard of Blue Turtle Group and Demal200 from other missionaries. I am on my second trip with using Demal200 and up until know have not had malaria though I have been bit multiple times. It is far better than the side effects I have had using doxy during my first 9 trips to Burundi. Thankful to have discovered it!

February 16, 2018

Well, unlike some of the others I was travelling around India with, I didn’t get sick so that’s good! There was lots of dengue going around in the area I was travelling. Quite a few ppl were ill but I made it out in one piece 🙂 I used it in India, Thailand , and Cambodia. Also going on safari in South Africa so will be using it there as well. I feel like it’s a great product!

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