An entirely natural range of homeopathic treatments/prophylaxis for chronic and tropical diseases

A local Travel Agent gave me your website. I am indebted to them! We have a daughter who is an avid student traveller but unable to take vaccinations due to childhood illness. In fact our whole family prefer natural alternatives so we were delighted to find a vast range of helpful products available to us from Blue Turtle. Our daughter was roughing it around S.E. Asia last summer, suitably armed with Demal200, Dembarah200 and Immuno Stimulant, and returned with her health fully intact. Lack of side effects was a hugely welcomed asset and the nice taste of the products ensured that our daughter, often forgetful, would always remember to take them! Knowing Blue Turtle is there for all future travels is a great source of comfort and gives peace of mind. Our whole family are now regular customers! Telephone advice is excellent and service is fast. I really hope the whole world gets to hear about Blue Turtle!

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