An entirely natural range of homeopathic treatments/prophylaxis for chronic and tropical diseases

We are staying in Zambia for the past three years – spraying our DEMAL every morning and evening(bought it from Shelagh Brown in Ndola) – a few days ago we had visitors from SAfrica and the little boy got malaria. He is under doctor’s supervision and is taking medicine but still remained very very ill. I decided to look on the blueturle webpage to see if its possible to treat the boy with DEMAL as well as the medication given by the doctor. Well, I started on 2 drops every 5min right through the night and also the next morning because of the extreme fever, vomiting and headaches. In the afternoon the boy could sit up and his fever was down with no headaches/vomiting. I will recommend DEMAL, especially to parents with children coming to visit Zambia as this is a high risk area. Thanks again

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