An entirely natural range of homeopathic treatments/prophylaxis for chronic and tropical diseases

Mosquitoes love me! If there is a mosquito out there – it will find me. In the past when I have been bitten the bites swell to disfiguring proportions and are extremely painful. On my recent trip to Peru, I used Demal200 for the first time, in conjunction with my own concoctions using herbs and essential oils. Needless to say they both worked extremely well and are much more user and environmentally friendly than the “traditional” methods. I only sustained 2 bites during the whole trip and I had no ill effect whatsoever, whereas other members of the group, not using Demal200, suffered with headaches, nausea etc and sustained many bites. I will use Demal200 for future trips and I have, and will continue to, recommended Demal200 to travelling friends. As I am an insulin dependant diabetic I am also very interested in trying your Pancrea200.

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