An entirely natural range of homeopathic treatments/prophylaxis for chronic and tropical diseases

Demal 200 & Dembarah 200 combat altitude sickness. I have just returned from trekking in Nepal. Prior to leaving Australia I inquired about which vaccinations were suggested for that region – malaria, Dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis. Some parts of Nepal have a sub-tropical climate! Ok, I was never going to get vaccinated but now I knew to get the homeopathic equivalents (Demal 200 and Dembarah 200). I started taking then profilactically 2 weeks before I left Australia (as recommended in the instructions). Now I did not get Malaria or Dengue fever but I was in for a pleasant surprise! Others in my trekking team were taking various antibiotics and pain killers to deal with altitude sickness (we were trekking to 5400 metres), stomach upsets, headaches, nausea and diarrhoea. These are all quite intense at altitude and can be serious. Demal 200 and Dembarah 200 dealt with most of these issues for me. I took no antibiotics, some soluble Panadol and Hydralyte (to keep fluids down – it is a soluble salt and mineral drink given to diarrhoea sufferers). As we climbed I upped the dose of the homeopathics to four sprays four times a day. I kept this up till we descended back to around 1000 metres and halved the dose. Once back in Australia, I reduced it to 1 spray twice a day … till it ran out. Overall, I am very impressed with the manner in which the remedies covered me for broad spectrum altitude sickness – something they were not specified for – and for malaria and Dengue fever, which I also did not get. No side-effects, fantastic outcome. I highly recommend these two products!

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