An entirely natural range of homeopathic treatments/prophylaxis for chronic and tropical diseases

In April 2005 I was to visit Gambia but was not wanting to take any medical prescribed medications for prevention of Malaria. Through a search on the internet I discovered Demal200. I live in New Zealand and had the product sent out here to me before I headed off on my trip. The service in receiving the product was excellent. Demal200 was a great discovery. It worked really well as a preventative without some of the really bad side affects one can get from other anti-malarials. The only side affects were a day of feeling slightly fluish after about 7 days of taking it which I was aware was possible after reading the literature on Demal200. I spoke to several people in Gambia about this product and they were going to try and source it and use it for themselves, especially one British family with two small children, who live there. I hope they have found it to be as affective as I did. I am returning to Gambia in November 2005 and will be taking my Demal200 before departure and during my time there. I am so pleased I discovered it.

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