An entirely natural range of homeopathic treatments/prophylaxis for chronic and tropical diseases

Dear Andrew. My Husband and Son were infected with Dengue from which they recovered though they did not feel 100%. We researched the internet for Dengue imformation and found out that if one gets a second Dengue infection while the first one is in one is blood then this will be much more serious. At the same time we found out about Dembarah and ordered it. Before using it my Husband and Son took a blood test that confirmed that the Dengue was still present in the blood. They both used the Dembarah for 9 days according to the course for Chronic Dengue. Then they had another blood test for Dengue. This time the test came back negative. We were so suprised and very pleased. We now know that there is a cure for Dengue Fever. We feel pretty sure that it would work during an attack of Dengue. Now we feel more secure to stay in Bangladesh knowing that we have a good medicine to rely on. We also want to keep some of your other Medicines handy. Thank you so much from the Carter Family.

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