An entirely natural range of homeopathic treatments/prophylaxis for chronic and tropical diseases

Dear everyone calling for a report on this medicine by someone who has used it….. I too wasn’t sure at first, as I have mild asthma, and it doesn’t say that’s what its for. BUT my family (living in Bangladesh) have had such a remarkable recovery from Dengue using blue turtles medicine, that I felt it was worth trying. I started taking this medicine just over 2 months ago. Yes, at first as it promises I got worse for about 2 weeks, then returned to normal , but continued to take the medicine and very very gradually improved. Now I haven’t taken my prescription medicine for several weeks. I am getting near to the end of my first bottle and I imagine thats all I will need. We are now entering the season that I always have the most problems, so lets see what happens. I will post again after this season is over and the medicine is finished to let you all know what happened. But so far, so good. Very impressed and so releived to have improved so much. As I said, I had only mild Asthma, so how it will work on more severe I don’t know, but I would recommend you try it and see for yourself. I am now planning on trying some other of there medicines for other problems I have. They are most helpful, by phone or mail. Thanks again blue turtle.

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