An entirely natural range of homeopathic treatments/prophylaxis for chronic and tropical diseases

Because of a year long chemo therapy and a TBI (total body irradiation) in preparation for a stemcell transplantation to fight multiple myeloma, the ‘hard disc’ of my resistance was wiped clean. This was in 2001 and since then I had to start building up my immune system from scratch like a baby again. Although I am improving by the year I still suffered from colds, flue and persistant bronchitis. When my doctor/acupuncturist suggested to look at the Blue Turtle site for ImmunoStimulant I did and ordered it right away. The 20th of February 2006 I received the ImmunoStimulant Spray. From that day I have used the ‘maintenance dosage’: one spray under the tongue in the morning and one in the evening, say once in 12 hours. I work full-time in an office and to my amazement I have not fallen ill since February while my colleagues all actually did! Most of them were absent for at least a week. I have felt the virus allright and for some nights I went to bed early but I did not fall ill, did not even develop any fever which up till February had been a recurring ‘feature’ and going up to 39 degrees Celcius in no time. Needless to say that I find the working of the Spray more than satisfying The bottle is now almost finished but be sure I will order another beginning October as that used to be the start of the ‘bronchitis season’ for me.

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