An entirely natural range of homeopathic treatments/prophylaxis for chronic and tropical diseases

Hi, Andrew A few months ago I told you about my problem with diabetes: insulin-dependent for 13 years and insulin-resistant. You basically told me that Pancrea200 would not do anything for me other than to keep me from getting worse due to the advanced state of my diabetes. Well, because of having no other alternative, and because you were so honest, I decided to give Pancrea 200 a try anyway; so I bought three bottles. By the time I was about half-way through the second bottle I concluded that you were right–that it wouldn’t improve my condition, because I saw absolutely no results–ZERO. So I decided that I wouldn’t be ordering anymore. HOWEVER, now that I am about one third of the way through my third bottle, I am completely amazed and surprised. IT’S ACTUALLY STARTING TO WORK! I have been noticing in the last few weeks that I don’t need as much insulin now as I did three months ago! I thank God that you were wrong, because even in my advanced diabetic state Pancrea200 IS improving my condition. By the way, I have decided that I WILL be ordering more. Thank you; and special thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ for directing me to this product. David

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