An entirely natural range of homeopathic treatments/prophylaxis for chronic and tropical diseases

My brother put me onto Viral200 after I mentioned we were going on a cruise but I was a bit nervous about covid as I have had several serious bouts with viruses over the years and had a really bad case of covid in July. We decided to take it as a preventative, even though we had had our 5 boosters, the last being nearly 8 months ago (but we both had covid only 4 months prior to our cruise). We used Viral200 until the last 3 days of our cruise when, in a moment of madness I think, we began to have doubts about taking something for an extended period of time without really knowing if it was doing us any good or not as we really didn’t know much about the product and mistakenly thought we should still be protected having only had covid four months prior. We continued to wear masks except for eating and drinking however a lot of staff in the dining rooms were sick and their personal hygiene habits when handling food was not good. On our last day of the cruise I started to feel unwell with headaches and sore throat. I started using panadol and throat lozenges, as I was testing negative to covid and thought it must be a cold. By the time we arrived home I was fairly unwell but still testing negative to covid. That night I had a shocker, coughing, extremely sore throat, terrible headaches and by now sure I had covid as these were the symptoms I had last time. The next morning (Monday) I did test positive to covid. By now I was very unwell. I decided to try Viral200 that morning (Monday). By Monday afternoon, I realised I was starting to feel a bit better. I kept using Viral200 and by the next morning I was so much better, my headaches had eased and I had no further need for panadol, my coughing was a lot less and my throat was feeling better. By that night I was feeling just so much better, I just couldn’t believe the turnaround. I was very unwell for 19 days with my last bout of covid and that was after taking antiviral medication within hours of being diagnosed. After this experience we will continue to use Viral200 and I have also ordered the Immunostimulant Spray to help boost my immune system.

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