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Lung Health & Repair

Emphysema Spray 30mls

Multi purpose treatment for all chronic lung diseases (Emphysema; bronchitis; pneumonia; TB). Facilitates removal of deep deposits together with removal of scar tissue and repair of alveoli. Useful for the development of enhanced resistance to altitude sickness. Ideal for all athletic disciplines where maximum aerobic efficiency is desired.

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Lung Repair

Loosen accumulated deposits from deep within the lungs

Better oxygenation of the blood


Guava leaf extract
10x  4.25%
6x  4.25%
Double-distilled water to remainder %


One squirt of Emphysema Spray under the tongue every hour

In the case of acute Asbestosis/Silicosis dependant on oxygen, give one squirt of Emphysema Spray under the tongue every hour for the first 3 days and 4x per day thereafter until a recovery is achieved

One squirt of Emphysema Spray under the tongue every 2 hours

In the case of Chronic Emphysema or Severe Bronchitis, apply one squirt of Emphysema Spray under the tongue every 2 hours for the first day and thereafter every 4 hours until noticeable benefits are achieved (NB coughing symptoms will worsen for a short while). Once lung performance improves noticeably and is deemed acceptable, reduce the dosage to 2x per day (ie morning & night).

One spray of Emphysema Spray under the tongue 4x per day

Where there is a history of Pneumonia and scar tissue damage to the lungs, apply one spray of Emphysema Spray under the tongue 4x per day for the first week before reducing to 2x per day (morning and night).

3 reviews for EMPHYSEMA SPRAY

  1. Michelle Ang (verified owner)

    I tried the Lung repair spray as I was starting to have more asthma type attacks in spring and autumn. I used it according to the instructions for Emphysema and it started to work the first day. It’s has been a month and no asthma sprays needed. I am on two sprays a day. Very satisfied with this product.

  2. Elaine Wagner (verified owner)

    A patient who had scar tissue in his lungs and had symptoms of hoarseness and tightness in his upper chest, took this and benefitted from it greatly. He has no more symptoms, and still is taking this remedy. Would like to see what occurs when he stops taking it,

  3. Holly Wallis

    We learned of Blue Turtle in 2021 after my husband was hospitalized with pneumonia from Covid. Our homeopathic dr told us about the Emphysema spray product. When he left the hospital both of the lungs looked like shattered glass on the X-rays. We were afraid he was headed to a long term change in his lungs. We started the spray and finished the antibiotics. He was on oxygen for anbout 6 weeks and lost a lot of weight during that week. We finished up the antibiotics but continued for about 3 months with the spray. Eventually we got rid of the oxygen, fattened him up, and by the 3 month mark the X-rays were clear. We are so thankful for the spray. 2 years later and no problems with lungs or breathing. Never had to see a specialist. Thank you Blue Turtle for the great products.

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