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Anti Infection



Infection200 mobilises the immune system to seek out and fight infection anywhere in the body. It is particularly good at combating low level or persistent infections that become tolerant of regular antibiotics.


In the case of low level chest infections such as might be experienced following bouts of Covid-19 that have not progressed to full pneumonia, Infection200 can strengthen and mobilise the immune system to eliminate the infection without weakening itself in the process as is the case with repeated use of antibiotics.


Days 1-2

Take 1x under the tongue every 3 hrs for 2 days in order to mobilise the immune system and get it up to speed with the current infection to be treated

Days 3-5

Take one spray under the tongue 3-4 x per day for the next 3-5 days (rest of the week) or until most/all symptoms have ameliorated

Day 6 and onwards

Take 1 spray under the tongue 2x per day (i.e. morning & night) for up to two weeks following the amelioration of obvious symptoms. This will ensure the treatment of the condition is complete and will not simply relapse at the earliest opportunity.


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