An entirely natural range of homeopathic treatments/prophylaxis for chronic and tropical diseases

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Blue Turtle Remedial Sciences provides an extensive range of entirely natural range of homeopathic treatments/prophylaxis for chronic and tropical diseases.

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by Jerry, Cairns QLD

I contracted Ross river virus and suffered heavily for several months with sore joints and tiredness & the symptoms seemed to come and go since then, it wasn’t until a year and six months after i contracted the virus that I took the Dembarah200 & haven’t noticed any of the symptoms and it is about six months on now with no sore joints or tiredness.

by Catriona, UK

We have been using Demal200 for years on our family holidays. Between the 5 of us we have been to India and many parts of South East Asia, South America and Africa. We are careful to cover up in the evenings and use mossie sprays as well but I am totally convinced of the efficacy of Blue Turtles products.

by Sharon

I contracted Dengue Fever in Fiji during an outbreak and was so thankful for this spray! I was so nauseous, feverish and weak but i had my phone on timer to remind me for each spray and the improvement especially over the first day of treatment was miraculous! one happy customer! Great phone support too, thanks.

by Neil Hopkinson

We and our clients have used Demal 200 whilst travelling in Northern Namibia and Botswana and cannot recommend this product enough. We will continue to use and to recommend this and other Blue Turtle products for future adventures, Thank you Neil

by Joy Nelson

I heard about Demal200 from a missionary to Burundi. I purchased it as I was headed there to be a teacher. I have used it every day for months here so far. . I have not contracted malaria yet!

by Helmut

We went into the Kalahari in Botswana and we had a nice time. We felt sure with Demal200 and so we were not afraid about mosquitos. Also ok was order and payment.

Demal & Dembarah200
by Tracey

I purchased Dembarah and Demal200 for my son when he spent a month touring Cambodia. No sickness at all. These products were recommended to me by a wonderful homeopath and they and the others in the range will be the only treatment I would take or recommend my family take for any future trips too. and I have just given these same products to a friend travelling to Laos and North Thailand.. she contracted Dengue as a child.. so there was only ever going to be one product I would recommend…

Demal & Dembarah200
by Hendrik Dierich

Demal 200 & Dembarah 200 combat altitude sickness. I have just returned from trekking in Nepal. Prior to leaving Australia I inquired about which vaccinations were suggested for that region – malaria, Dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis. Some parts of Nepal have a sub-tropical climate! Ok, I was never going to get vaccinated but now I knew to get the homeopathic equivalents (Demal 200 and Dembarah 200). I started taking then profilactically 2 weeks before I left Australia (as recommended in the instructions). Now I did not get Malaria or Dengue fever but I was in for a pleasant surprise! Others in my trekking team were taking various antibiotics and pain killers to deal with altitude sickness (we were trekking to 5400 metres), stomach upsets, headaches, nausea and diarrhoea. These are all quite intense at altitude and can be serious. Demal 200 and Dembarah 200 dealt with most of these issues for me. I took no antibiotics, some soluble Panadol and Hydralyte (to keep fluids down – it is a soluble salt and mineral drink given to diarrhoea sufferers). As we climbed I upped the dose of the homeopathics to four sprays four times a day. I kept this up till we descended back to around 1000 metres and halved the dose. Once back in Australia, I reduced it to 1 spray twice a day … till it ran out. Overall, I am very impressed with the manner in which the remedies covered me for broad spectrum altitude sickness – something they were not specified for – and for malaria and Dengue fever, which I also did not get. No side-effects, fantastic outcome. I highly recommend these two products!

by Vicki Blundell, UK

This year we travelled independently around a number of countries in Asia, equipped as in the past with Blue Turtle remedies, and again returned intact, healthy and free of all bugs. We have never had to use Blue Turtle remedies for treatment presumably because they have been so effective in a preventative capacity. Next year we shall be going to Malaysia and North Vietnam, armed with Demal200, Dembarah200, Typo200 and ImmunoStimulant. We have had no side-effects and we feel protected. Mosquitos seem to love me so I feel Blue Turtle acts in my defence. We always use ImmunoStimulant for long haul flights to ward off any nasty air flight bugs which tend to fly around the cabin. Our children, too, have used Blue Turtle remedies for their far-off travels to places including India, and likewise have always emerged with a clean bill of health. What price can you put on health? Blue Turtle remedies give you peace of mind when travelling.

by Janie Borisov

I used to get malaria every time I went to West Africa. Not since I’ve discovered Demal! I’ve been back to Africa and other malarial areas many times since and never been sick again. I also successfully got my old malaria out of my system, so no more sudden spells. I’ve recently discovered Dembarah200 and was equally impressed, getting my old dengue out and not getting sick despite myriads of mozzie bites in Congo, Gabon etc etc. Thank you for making a huge impact on my health!

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