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For many years there has been a growing need for a credible alternative to the conventional treatments offered for many tropical and other serious chronic diseases. Many conventional treatment regimes conflict with one another, carry with them the risk of severe side effects and some are no longer effective: others are inappropriate to either vegetarians or Moslems.

Blue Turtle Remedial Sciences aim to meet those needs.
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Welcome to Blue Turtle Remedial Sciences where you may select from an extensive range of entirely natural and highly effective homeopathic prophylactics/treatments for many tropical diseases including malaria, dengue fever, typhoid & hepatitis. Others are available for; Lyme disease; Alzheimer's & dementia; bronchitis & emphysema; female hormones & fertility; all aspects relating to depression; inflammation & arthritis; scar tissue and chronic injuries

For those wishing to avoid the worst effects of the Coronavirus we reccomend the use of ImmunoStimulant Spray.  If traveling internationally (airports/trains etc) the use of ImmunoStimulant Spray and Dembarah200 are also most effective to ward off assorted low level and 'flu like viruses. For all our missionary friends who live remotely and may be unable to reach a hospital, you may be interested to know that Emphysema Spray in conjunction with Infection200 is a useful treatment for pneumonia.

Working with the immune system, all our remedies are totally free of side effects. Taken as a spray under the tongue, they are safe and convenient to use. For information about each product and to order, please click on the links below. where a product is not displayed contact us via the form provided to ascertain your needs and avaiability of appropriate remedies.

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For many years there has been a growing need for a credible alternative to the conventional treatments offered for many tropical and other serious chronic diseases: Blue Turtle Remedial Sciences aim to meet those needs.

Here at Blue Turtle Remedial Sciences Pty Ltd we specialise in both natural malaria prevention and dengue fever prevention. For those with a history of malaria or dengue fever we are able to provide both natural malaria treatment and dengue fever treatment.

Demand for alternative methods for treating many tropical diseases and other chronic illnesses which are both effective and reliable has grown. Dembarah200 as a natural dengue treatment, along with Ross River Virus treatment and West Nile Virus treatment, has been incredibly successful whilst also being suitable for vegetarians and Moslems. This, along with the fact that they carry none of the severe side effects of conventional medicines whilst still being highly effective makes them highly appealing to all.

vOur highly trained team comprises fully GP trained naturopaths and homoeopaths who have conducted both lab-based and field research in several SE Asian countries including Indonesia, Papua New Guinea & the Philippines. We have in excess of 1200 natural remedies which have been in production and available privately for over 25 years.

Our products are now available in all areas worldwide where tropical and chronic diseases are a serious problem. Demal200 as a natural malaria treatment and Dembarah200 as a dengue fever treatment are ideal for use in many countries across Asia, Africa, Central America and the Pacific. Our remedies are ideal for both prophylaxis and treatment purposes and will facilitate rapid recovery from specific tropical diseases. Demal200 as a substitute for natural malaria pills is highly effective and, unlike many conventional treatments, is proven to be an effective malaria treatment against which there no resistance can develop.

Dengue Fever is an insidious disease which is spreading beyond its traditional endemic base of Southeast Asia. Dengue fever prevention is therefore a disease into which extensive and continuous research is being conducted. Dembarah200, an alternative yet natural dengue treatment, is viewed as being far more effective than many therapies offered in tropical hospitals and clinics today.

Dembarah200 is highly effective against all flavi/alpha (arbo) viruses including; a) West Nile Virus which has become endemic throughout the USA and Canada and; b) Ross River Virus in Australia.

Our research also extends to other areas including Lyme disease, dementia/Alzheimer’s and auto-immune conditions resulting in inflammation and arthritis.

If you would like more information on natural malaria prevention, dengue fever treatment, malaria treatment or dengue fever prevention, then we would be delighted to hear from you. Details of our offices around the world can be found on our contact us page along with a contact form. Thank you for your attention and we look forward to hearing from you and being of further assistance.