An entirely natural range of homeopathic treatments/prophylaxis for chronic and tropical diseases



For many years there has been a growing need for a credible alternative to the conventional treatments offered for many tropical and other serious chronic diseases. Many conventional treatment regimes conflict with one another, carry with them the risk of severe side effects and some are no longer effective: others are inappropriate to either vegetarians or Moslems

Blue Turtle Remedial Sciences aim to meet those needs.


Our research lab is based in Australia and consists of a team of fully GP trained naturopaths & homoeopaths who have been practising medicine and also conducting field research in the Philippines; Papua new Guinea and Indonesia for over 30 years. Of the 1200+ remedies in our catalogue, many have been in production and available (privately) for over 25 years.

As word began to spread through communities of expatriate workers of the mining and oil industries in tropical Asia; Africa and; Central America, we decided to make our remedies more widely available. For the last few years they have been available on a mail order basis only. Now we have an ever growing network in Africa of local and regional distributors, all of whom use our remedies to good effect themselves. Feel free to contact us if you wish to participate in your area.

Our remedies are based on entirely natural products sourced worldwide and are designed to work with the body's own immune and self-repair systems. They can be used to treat illness or for daily prophylaxis. Highly effective and totally free of side effects, they are suitable both for children nursing mothers and long term use. They may be taken in conjunction with conventional treatments for other medical conditions.

Please note, however, that due to certain handling constraints peculiar to all homoeopathic medicines (eg; they must not be opened and exposed to the air; overheated; irradiated; etc <see individual infosheets>) we are not in a position to guarantee the efficacy of these remedies and must continue to advise our clients that, in the event of uncertainty, you continue to seek the advice of your GP.