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Welcome to Blue Turtle Remedial Sciences where you may select from an extensive range of entirely natural and highly effective homeopathic prophylactics / treatments for many tropical diseases including; malaria, dengue fever, typhoid & hepatitis. Others are available for Alzheimer's Parkinson's and other forms of dementia; emphysema, bronchitis, pneumonia; all aspects relating to depression.   Working with the immune system, all our remedies are totally free of side effects. Taken as a spray under the tongue, they are safe and convenient to use. For information about each product and to order, please click on the links below. To read testimonials from other users visit our "Guestbook"  or relevent facebook page.

 Demal200 (Malaria): (for full info click here)    Order here   
This is a credible and highly effective alternative to conventional malaria treatments with their attendant side-effects: prompting the liver to expel malaria parasites and enabling the immune system to develop antibodies, Demal200 effectively behaves as a vaccine and is effective against all strains of malaria. Taken daily as a spray under the tongue it is suitable for all from the toughest adult to the tiniest tot: it even tastes good. NB: a field trial report is available on request.
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Dembarah200 (Dengue Fever):  (For full info click here)   Order Here
Similar to Demal200, this is effective against all arboviruses and flaviviruses and, in addition to dengue fever, will also treat/prevent West Nile FeverRoss River Fever and is a practical preventative for Yellow Fever, Glandular Fever, Japanese (& St Louis) Encephalitis , Chikungunya Virus, and all strains of Influenza.  Spread by the Tiger mosquito (daytime & indoors) dengue fever is endemic in most tropical areas and is almost always initially misdiagnosed as malaria. We strongly recommend the use of this remedy if travelling to India; SE Asia; Cerntral/Southern America (ie from Northern Brazil through to Mid Mexico) and all Caribbean Islands
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Typo200 (Typhoid):  (For full info click here)    Order Here
Typo200 is generally used as a treatment for typhoid though may be used as a prophylactic also. We particularly reccommend it to; field operatives of aid/charity organisations who regularly come into contact with typhoid sufferers or typhoid carriers; remote mining or geological exploration personnel; long term travellers' medical kits.

Hepatex200 (Hepatitis <all groups>)     Order Here 
As with Typo200, this is generally used for hepatitis treatment purposes or for prophylaxis against hepatitis by the aforementioned groups. When taken in conjunction with Oxybeeone-D it is a highly effective treatment for all hepatitis groups.

Pancrea200 (Diabetes)   
(For full info click here)  Order Here
Pancrea200 is a highly effective treatment for Type-1 (juvenile) and Type-2 (maturity onset) diabetes and may also be used to control pancreas related Epilepsy. It works by rebuilding the damaged beta cells of the pancreas and by correcting the receptor silos of cells to help them to absorb blood sugar.
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Memorex200        (Order Here)
Memorex200 can be used to help with study, concentration; repairs of neural pathways / myelin sheet and any disabilities of the brain. It will accelerate the production of neural bridges between the two hemispheres of the brain. It can be used to help improve memory function and is especially relevant for sufferers of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of progressive dementia (Parkinson's etc).

Serotonin200     Males: Order Here        Females: Order Here   
A natural anti-depressant, Serotonin200 may be used to assist coping with various levels of stress. Boosting natural serotonin release, it increases levels of awareness, mood and feelings of wellbeing (happiness). It helps reduce & overcome panic attacks; restores natural sleep patterns and; is an effective and non addictive treatment for chronic depression (and should be considered for use with Memorex200).
NB different versions exist for men and women and therefore care should be taken to select the appropriate version.
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Hormone Spray          Order Here  (for women only)
Hormone Spray has been designed to regulate the 150+ hormones which make up the female system, however, it contains no hormones and is an entirely natural product. It may be used to correct anomalies in aspects of female mensruation: it will regulate the menstrual cycle; reduce period pain/bleeding; reduce menstrual migraine; eliminate mood swings. It can restore fertility and obviate the need for expensive and unpleasant IVF treatments. It eases transition through the menopause and, in conjunction with progesterone cream, will provide a viable and effective alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) 

Emphysema Spray        Order Here
Emphysema Spray is a highly effective lung repair tool: facilitating the removal of deposits from deep within the lungs (bronchitis) and repair of damaged alveoli, thereby promoting better oxygenation of the blood. Removing & replacing scar tissue it will heal the damage caused by pneumonia. Entirely natural (totally free of streoids etc) it is of relevance to athletes and for all instances of prolonged aerobic exercise.
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ImmunoStimulant Spray     Order Here
ImmunoStimulant spray has been designed to rejuvenate jaded or compromised immune systems. It acts on the liver, thymus gland and bone marrow to enable the immune system to become more responsive to viral/bacterial/parasitic attack.
It is particularly relevent to those who have used antibiotics on an ongoing basis or who suffer from repeated low level maladies (colds; glandular fever etc, M.E etc).
ImmunoStimulant Spray is of particular relevance to HIV/AIDS sufferers, 

Remedies are also available for many common chronic diseases such as:-
Arthritis; M.E; M.S; Cancer; shingles; prostatitis; pancreatitis,  and many others

Please contact us to request details of treatments not mentioned here as we have over 1200 in our catalogue. These treatments have been around (privately) for over 25 years and have been designed to be safe and convenient to use. They are suitable for all age groups regardless of pre-existing medical conditions. 100% side-effect free, they are particularly suitable for children and long term use.

Please note, however, that due to certain handling constraints peculiar to all homoeopathic medicines (see infosheets for details) we are not in a legal position to guarantee the efficacy of these remedies and must continue to advise our clients that, in the event of uncertainty, you continue to seek the advice of your GP.