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Anti Dengue Fever

This is sufficient for: 1 complete cure of an “acute/critical” case of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) or; 2 treatments of non-acute/critical cases of Dengue; Ross River Fever or West Nile Fever; 1 complete treatment of “chronic” (ie history of) Dengue/RRF/WNF (where the infection has lasted > 6 months) or; 4 months continuous prophylaxis for all mosquito borne arbovirus and flavivirus fevers*.

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Lemon Grass
00.25%  *original extract
6X  *Potency Factor
00.25%  *original extract
6X  *Potency Factor
00.25%  *original extract
6X  *Potency Factor
Sepia (Ink from Cuttlefish)
00.25%  *original extract
200C  *Potency Factor
Double-distilled water up to remainder %


1 Spray every hour

Regardless of whether or not the patient is suffering from dengue symptoms at the time the medicine is taken, give one spray under the tongue every hour for the first day (for at least 12 hours). In most cases this dosage will initiate an immune system reaction.

The following day

The following day the patient should receive one spray under the tongue every three hours for at least 12 hours.

1 Spray morning and night

For the next seven days the patient should receive one spray under the tongue morning and night

37 reviews for DEMBARAH 200

  1. Oliver Jolis

    Hi, I purchased a bottle of Demal200 and Dembarah200 for my recent trip to SE Asia and the products arrived on time, in perfect condition and worked wonderfully with absolutely no side effects. Thank you so much “Blue Turtle” for providing a natural, homeopathic, safe alternative to conventional drugs. Keep up all the good work!!!!

  2. Tracey Gibson

    I traveled to Borneo last year to see the orangutans which was fantastic, highly recommend it and would also recommend the Demal200 and the Dembarah200, no side effects from either which was fantastic, my previous attempt at preventing malaria was tablets from the doctor, side effects horrendous, nothing from these though, fantastic. Service was excellent too.

  3. Rebekah Yore, UK

    I recently spent some time in SE Asia & took both Demal200 & Dembarah200 with me as I really wanted a homoeopathic alternative to the conventional treatments for Malaria & Dengue Fever. The advice offered by the Blue Turtle Group, the principles behind their products & the products themselves exceeded all expectations & I would reccommend them in a heartbeat! Thank you, thank you & thank you again! Best wishes, Rebekah

  4. Tom Boyle

    In march 2005 i used HEPATEX 200, demal 200, dembarah 200 and typo 200 during my visit to Burma, Laos and Cambodia. i enjoyed the trip immensely and came home free of any symptoms or diseases or, just as importantly, side effects from injections. i recently had a blood test to measure immunity and was pleasantly surprised to find i was immune to HEP A. i believe that the immunity was triggered by the course of hepatex i took during my march trip. it was the first time i had used these products so now my faith and confidence in them is sky high.

  5. Tony Marsh

    I was very appreciative to have this medication available on our recent trip to Malaysia. Our holiday would definitely have been less enjoyable had we not had the daily doses available for the whole family. Many thanks for the peace of mind. Thoroughly recommended.

  6. Michael Betoin

    I recently did a one month tour of India, taking in a lot of stuff off the beaten track. Being an Holistic Consultant, I refuse point blank to take toxic drugs and tablets, so I was relieved to find the Blue Turtle range of Homeopathics. I also had Dembarah with me and both were quick and easy to take, with no side effects. Others I met on regular anti-malarial tablets had stopped taking them because they were making them sick ! From start to finish, the Blue Turtle experience was first class and I will not hesitate to use them personally in the future and recommend them to my clients.

  7. Tricia Carter

    My Husband and Son were infected with Dengue from which they recovered though they did not feel 100%. We researched the internet for Dengue imformation and found out that if one gets a second Dengue infection while the first one is in one is blood then this will be much more serious. At the same time we found out about Dembarah and ordered it. Before using it my Husband and Son took a blood test that confirmed that the Dengue was still present in the blood. They both used the Dembarah for 9 days according to the course for Chronic Dengue. Then they had another blood test for Dengue. This time the test came back negative. We were so suprised and very pleased. We now know that there is a cure for Dengue Fever. We feel pretty sure that it would work during an attack of Dengue. Now we feel more secure to stay in Bangladesh knowing that we have a good medicine to rely on. We also want to keep some of your other Medicines handy. Thank you so much from the Carter Family.

  8. V. Blundell

    A local Travel Agent gave me your website. I am indebted to them! We have a daughter who is an avid student traveller but unable to take vaccinations due to childhood illness. In fact our whole family prefer natural alternatives so we were delighted to find a vast range of helpful products available to us from Blue Turtle. Our daughter was roughing it around S.E. Asia last summer, suitably armed with Demal200, Dembarah200 and Immuno Stimulant, and returned with her health fully intact. Lack of side effects was a hugely welcomed asset and the nice taste of the products ensured that our daughter, often forgetful, would always remember to take them! Knowing Blue Turtle is there for all future travels is a great source of comfort and gives peace of mind. Our whole family are now regular customers! Telephone advice is excellent and service is fast. I really hope the whole world gets to hear about Blue Turtle!

  9. Sheri Lopez

    I did a lot of research before my trip to India and had heard that the vaccines were not good for you and also that they did not always work. So, I thought there was no good reason to take the vaccines. Also, they are VERY expensive. I searched and found Blue Turtle. I was in Israel two weeks before I went to India. I started the regimen with Dembarah, Hepatex, and Demal200 while I was there. I was careful to drink bottled water in India, but I drank their coffee and tea (I doubt it was made with bottled water.) The mosquitoes were delighted to see me and I had many bites during my visit. (The American mosquitoes don’t find me nearly as attractive as the Indian ones did.) I just want to say that I have a missionary friend who suffered greatly with Dengue Fever in Cambodia while taking all the conventional immunizations. My husband died of liver cancer due to having chronic Hepatitis B. So I wanted protection from everything. And, I GOT IT!!! I was sharing with another minister about my trip to India. She asked me if I was very ill while I was there. I told her I did not get sick. She told me that I am the first person she has ever heard of that went to India and did not get sick! I am not claiming to be the only person who ever did not get sick while visiting India, but I do know that Dembarah, Hepatex, and Demal200, bottled water, and the blessing of the Lord kept me from getting sick while I was there. OH! Also, the price of all three remedies was less than one Yellow Fever Immunization. I have recommended Blue Turtle in the past and will continue to do so. Good job! Thank you so much. The Lord bless you in your work…..

  10. Tony Marsh

    Having used the above for our trip to Malaysia last Christmas we will be ordering a fresh batch for our trip this year to Singapore. My family were very reassured being able to use this medicine and our trip would have been overshadowed somewhat if this had not been available Our Many Thanks!!

  11. Tonnie Cremisino

    Thank you for getting our Dembarah, Demal, and Typo to us quickly and in great shape! We took the remedies with us to Indonesia, and used them prophylactically. Everyone stayed nice and healthy. It was great peace of mind to know that we were protected from potentially dangerous diseases! I appreciate your products. Tonnie Cremisino

  12. Rebecca Fenn

    My family and I traveled to the Congo for the first time this year and used only the Blue Turtle products. We are extremely satisfied with the ease and complete protection that the products provide us with. I even used Dembarah200 as a way to mitigate the effects of the Yellow Fever vaccination that U.S. law requires travelers to have. While everyone else in our group suffered tenderness, swelling, and fever I had no ill effects at all. I am a firm believer in products that can help keep us healthy without making us sick. I think the Blue Turtle products are the real thing.

  13. Malcolm & Anne

    My wife and I recently trekked through Vietnam for over a month from the hills beyond Sapa to Jungles near Cambodia. Strange honeymoon but we loved it. We got a lot of Mosquito bites, even with DEET spray on. My wife cant take antibiotics so we purchased the Malaria Spray for our journey and then Andrew reminded us that Dengue fever was probably more prominent, so we bought the Dembarrah 200 as well. We relied purely on these sprays to cover us. That was 3 months ago. We have had no problems and considering our locale we feel the spray were an excellent insurance.

  14. Michelle Takeyama

    My friend contacted Dengue 4 years ago, was sick for 1 week and got better. But two years ago had a reoccurence of his symptoms. We decided that it could be chronic dengue, where the virus is living in the liver and gave the medicine accordingly. As stated his symptoms reoccured as the dengue was removed from the liver, he got better the next day and now is dengue-free. Just out of curiosity I tried the medicine too, but had no reaction, as I have never had Dengue. But this served to give us confidence in the way the medicine works. Thankyou so much for providing this amazing medicine.

  15. Danielle Morris

    Our 12 year old son has been recently infected with dengue. We thank God his response to it was mild with no drop in platelet count whatsoever. We would really like to know of anyone who has used Dembarah200 with a special interest in knowing if the product has actually removed all traces of the virus from the body (proven via a blood test), or any other related info. on Dembarah200? Here’s to great health! Danielle

  16. Tony Marsh

    I’ve used this for the last couple of years as a safeguard whilst in Asia and it’s been re-assuring. We’re off to India at Christmas & will be ordering a new batch. Many Thanks Tony Marsh (UK)

  17. Admin

    Catherine, Don’t worry about the recurrence of symptoms; these are only at a very low level and are part of the virus extraction process; entirely manageable. Junior dispirin might be appropriate though please refer to a GP. Immunostimulant Spray will also be of benefit. The dosage for Dembarah200 is the same for all ages. As a homoeopathic preparation it is not ‘approved’ for use as a medicine as no western government will publish criteria against which homeopathic remedies can be tested.

  18. Catherine Ross

    Hi, my daughter who is two contracted Dengue in Jan 2009. Since then she has kept getting sick with colds, upper respitory infections and fever. A nutritionist has recommended that we try Dembarah200. I am worried about the recurrance of the symptoms that it is suppose to cause and I wondering if you can use panadol when she gets a fever at the same time as Dembarah200. Has anyone tried it on a baby and what where the results? Also why is it not approved in Australia, this makes me nervous?

  19. Gisele

    I recently had dengue quite badly (hospitalised for dehydration 3x – the last time for several days after collapsing unconscious)after which I purchased dembarah, which arrived swiftly, thank you. By the time I took it, I felt I was in the “chronic stage” and would like to say a very big thank you as it worked very effectively and energy levels returned to normal, as did heart function, which had become quite strange with the least exertion, whilst in the aftermath of having the dengue. Worked exactly the way you said it would – felt like I had come down with it all over again, the first day, felt better but still pretty lousy the 2nd day. After that I just improved steadily each day. By a fortnight later I was powering through unbelievably full days with no problem at all! I can definitely recommend it, and wish all who experience this debilitating virus could be told about it, and be cured so simply and conveniently! Thank You Blue Turtle for your wonderful product and service, Gisele

  20. Robert

    Is this available in the Philippines?

  21. Saphyre

    If i purchase it much will it cost me as i’m in mississauga ontario, canada? how long will it take to reach me as i will be leaving back to the philippines by mid sept.? can i administer the medecine as soon as fever starts even if it’s not yet diagnosed as dengue and what would be the dosage… thank you

  22. Nisar

    I am from india tamilnadu pls say any one supply this dambara200 in india /middle east/gcc if suppy pls contect

  23. Peter Rawcliffe

    I was sceptical, but diagnosed in the UK after my visit to Africa 2005. There was nothing here to help. I was told I was cured but on taking Dembarah the symptoms returned proving it was still in my body. It worked for me and has kept me safe when working in East Africa for the past couple of yrs. I’d say buy it and use it. It covers other viruses as well as Dengue even possibly Rift Valley fever.

  24. Lilibeth Layno

    i tried this demborah200 and i like’s effective..i just want to ask if ever i would like to purchase and send it here in the philippines would that be possible?

  25. Kali

    Service and product = Excellent. I contacted Andrew a few weeks before i was due to leave the UK for Asia (i’ve previously had dengue so this product was an absolute MUST for me), I was worried about it getting here on time however it was sent out and with me within a week. The delivery and customer care was unparalleled. I also didn’t get Dengue and am about to head over to India for 2 months and will be using this product again. Thank you!

  26. Ryan

    Well, unlike some of the others I was travelling around India with, I didn’t get sick so that’s good! There was lots of dengue going around in the area I was travelling. Quite a few ppl were ill but I made it out in one piece ? I used it in India, Thailand , and Cambodia. Also going on safari in South Africa so will be using it there as well. I feel like it’s a great product!

  27. Review by A

    We’ve successfully treated a case of Dengue in my husband, as well as protected the rest of the family from contracting Dengue directly after his recovery by just following the directions that came with the bottles I ordered. When I had questions, I emailed the contact address here on the website and received a reply within 1 hour. I was a bit panicked when I first began to see signs of Dengue in my husband, and the replied I received were so reassuring and prompt. Ever since that first incident over a year ago, the entire family uses the spray daily as a preventative. How awesome is it that both a treatment and preventative come in the same bottle?! We love this product and are so thankful it exists! I love being able to both treat and prevent Dengue for my family from a remote island in the South Pacific. What a gift.

  28. Janie Borisov

    I used to get malaria every time I went to West Africa. Not since I’ve discovered Demal! I’ve been back to Africa and other malarial areas many times since and never been sick again. I also successfully got my old malaria out of my system, so no more sudden spells. I’ve recently discovered Dembarah200 and was equally impressed, getting my old dengue out and not getting sick despite myriads of mozzie bites in Congo, Gabon etc etc. Thank you for making a huge impact on my health!

  29. Vicki Blundell, UK

    This year we travelled independently around a number of countries in Asia, equipped as in the past with Blue Turtle remedies, and again returned intact, healthy and free of all bugs. We have never had to use Blue Turtle remedies for treatment presumably because they have been so effective in a preventative capacity. Next year we shall be going to Malaysia and North Vietnam, armed with Demal200, Dembarah200, Typo200 and ImmunoStimulant. We have had no side-effects and we feel protected. Mosquitos seem to love me so I feel Blue Turtle acts in my defence. We always use ImmunoStimulant for long haul flights to ward off any nasty air flight bugs which tend to fly around the cabin. Our children, too, have used Blue Turtle remedies for their far-off travels to places including India, and likewise have always emerged with a clean bill of health. What price can you put on health? Blue Turtle remedies give you peace of mind when travelling.

  30. Hendrik Dierich

    Demal 200 & Dembarah 200 combat altitude sickness. I have just returned from trekking in Nepal. Prior to leaving Australia I inquired about which vaccinations were suggested for that region – malaria, Dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis. Some parts of Nepal have a sub-tropical climate! Ok, I was never going to get vaccinated but now I knew to get the homeopathic equivalents (Demal 200 and Dembarah 200). I started taking then profilactically 2 weeks before I left Australia (as recommended in the instructions). Now I did not get Malaria or Dengue fever but I was in for a pleasant surprise! Others in my trekking team were taking various antibiotics and pain killers to deal with altitude sickness (we were trekking to 5400 metres), stomach upsets, headaches, nausea and diarrhoea. These are all quite intense at altitude and can be serious. Demal 200 and Dembarah 200 dealt with most of these issues for me. I took no antibiotics, some soluble Panadol and Hydralyte (to keep fluids down – it is a soluble salt and mineral drink given to diarrhoea sufferers). As we climbed I upped the dose of the homeopathics to four sprays four times a day. I kept this up till we descended back to around 1000 metres and halved the dose. Once back in Australia, I reduced it to 1 spray twice a day … till it ran out. Overall, I am very impressed with the manner in which the remedies covered me for broad spectrum altitude sickness – something they were not specified for – and for malaria and Dengue fever, which I also did not get. No side-effects, fantastic outcome. I highly recommend these two products!

  31. Tracey

    I purchased Dembarah and Demal200 for my son when he spent a month touring Cambodia. No sickness at all. These products were recommended to my by a wonderful homeopath and they and the others in the range will be the only treatment I would take or recommend my family take for any future trips too. and I have just given these same products to a friend travelling to Laos and North Thailand.. she contracted Dengue as a child.. so there was only ever going to be one produce I would recommend…

  32. Sharon

    I contracted Dengue Fever in Fiji during an outbreak and was so thankful for this spray! I was so nauseous, feverish and weak but i had my phone on timer to remind me for each spray and the improvement especially over the first day of treatment was miraculous! one happy customer! Great phone support too, thanks.

  33. Jerry, Cairns QLD

    I contracted Ross river virus and suffered heavily for several months with sore joints and tiredness & the symptoms seemed to come and go since then, it wasn’t until a year and six months after i contracted the virus that I took the Dembarah200 & haven’t noticed any of the symptoms and it is about six months on now with no sore joints or tiredness.

  34. Jerry

    I contracted Ross river virus and suffered heavily for several months with sore joints and tiredness & the symptoms seemed to come and go since then, it wasn’t until a year and six months after i contracted the virus that I took the Dembarah200 & havent noticed any of the symptoms and it is about six months on now with no sore joints or tiredness.

  35. Sharon

    I contracted Dengue Fever in Fiji during a recent outbreak and was so thankful for this spray! I was very nauseous, feverish and weak but i had my phone on timer to remind me for each spray and the improvement especially over the first day of treatment was miraculous! one happy customer! Great phone support too, thanks.

  36. Sam

    I’ve been using Dembarah200 to treat Ross River virus for three weeks now and so far so good. It has definitely made my body react a little at the start as was described to me before I took it. I have noticed a reduction in rrv symptoms and hope to continue to see improvements as I finish the remainder of the treatment.

  37. Sam, Perth WA

    I’ve been using Dembarah200 to treat Ross River virus for three weeks now and so far so good. Its the first thing I’ve ever taken that actually had some kind of real effect straight away. It definitely made my body respond a little at the start as was described to me before I took it. I have noticed a reduction in rrv symptoms and hope to continue to see improvements as I finish the remainder of the treatment.

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What is Dengue Fever?

Dengue is an arbovirus disease caused by four viruses that are related to the same viruses which cause Yellow Fever and St. Louis encephalitis. Dengue viruses are transmitted from person to person by the Aedes Aegypti and Albopictus (tiger) mosquitoes.


Periodic epidemics have occurred in the Western Hemisphere for over 200 years but the last 15 years has seen an alarming increase in large epidemics in many tropical countries. Since the 1990s there have been large-scale epidemics in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, India, Vietnam and Brazil, which have caused many thousands of deaths.

The first time an individual is infected by a mosquito then classical or primary dengue will ensue: if this person is bitten again, even months later, the resulting disease is known as a secondary dengue infection which may develop into Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (DHF).

Making a clinical diagnosis: What are the physical signs of dengue fever?

Primary dengue (Classical Dengue) is characterised by acute high-grade fever, frontal headache, retro-orbital pain, myalgias, arthralgias (acute muscular and joint pain) and often a maculopapular rash. Many patients also notice a change in taste sensation. Clinically, the illness may be indistinguishable from influenza, measles, or rubella. The acute phase may last for up to one week with a prolonged convalescence characterised by weakness, anaemia, anorexia and general malaise.

Secondary dengue infection or Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (DHF) may resemble classical dengue or other viral syndromes in the first few days of the illness. DHF may cause fever lasting 2 to 7 days and a variety of nonspecific symptoms. As the fever begins to break the patient becomes restless, lethargic and may show signs of circulatory failure and develop haemorrhagic symptoms.


Most patients develop thrombocytopenia – a significant reduction in the number of thrombocytes or platelets. These cells cause the blood to coagulate. The condition results in skin haemorrhages, bleeding gums, nosebleeds, vomiting and diahorrea. Internal bleeding from the liver, bowel and stomach may also occur. Patients with these symptoms are known to have Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS). Early signs of DSS are restlessness; cold clammy skin; a rapid weak pulse; a reduction in blood pressure and/or hypertension.

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever/DSS is most severe in children under 15 years, but it can also seriously affect adults. Mortality rates can be kept below 1% with early diagnosis and fluid replacement therapy, however, the key to survival is early diagnosis. Patients with suspected dengue fever should be given acetaminophen preparations for fever, and not aspirin due to its anticoagulant properties.

What is the difference between Dembarah200 and other conventional medicines?

Dembarah200 is an alternative treatment that comes from the homoeopathic system of medicine. This system was perfected in Germany in 1796. In this system of medicine the human immune system is stimulated and strengthened to respond to specific diseases and medical problems.

The way a homoeopathic medicine functions is very similar to a vaccine, however the effect on the immune system is much deeper. Achieving this effect on the human immune system requires very careful selection of specific plants and other natural components.


Once selected, these components are processed using the unique homoeopathic process that extracts and amplifies the deep healing powers stored within the molecules of each herbal component. Chemical anti-viral agents do not assist the natural healing processes of the human body; instead they act chemically on the virus as a controlled poison.


Chemical based drugs are designed to poison viruses and bacteria in the hope that they will be killed before the drugs begin to cause harmful side effects to the body’s organs. However, in the case of dengue no effective conventional drugs or vaccines currently exist to treat this virus.

Mode of action How does Dembarah200 defeat the dengue virus?

Pharmacology: Dembarah200 works as a powerful allergen at the molecular level to cause a rapid mobilization of the immune system against the dengue virus. The dengue virus is a formidable organism because of its ability to confuse the human immune system. If a person has had dengue, specific antibodies attach to the outer envelope of the microbe virus. In dengue secondary infection these antibodies are confused by the newly retrofitted dengue virus.


The confused antibodies pass incorrect signals to virus hunting macrophages of the immune system. When the macrophages arrive to eat the virus, dengue is consumed but does not die. Dengue then takes control, and through the immune system, enters every organ in the human body. The confused immune system tries to overcome the infection by inducing fever. Fluids and electrolytes are thus lost.


Haemorrhaging occurs when the virus decreases coagulation control by killing off most of the thrombocytes, also known as platelets. Death then occurs from Dengue Shock Syndrome. The components of Dembarah200 work together in a synergistic way as a powerful allergen to stimulate an optimum response from the human immune system to the dengue threat. The liver is stimulated to expel the virus into the bowel. Fever control is also achieved through action on the hypothalamus.


Simultaneously the thymus gland and bone marrow are also stimulated to produce much larger numbers of antibodies and virus-hunting macrophages than would normally occur. The result is that the virus is overwhelmed by the immune system response An exact description of the action of each component is difficult to determine since the formula achieves its unique effect only through synergistic interaction between all of the components.

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