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Anti Covid-19

Developed early in 2020 in response to the developing Covid-19 pandemic, Viral200 is a loose blend of our remedies for malaria (Demal200) and HIV (HIV200).


As with Demal200, Viral200 utilises potentised phosphorous to paralyse the ability of the virus to change its surface coating glycoprotein with which it mimics the blood in order to hide from the immune system.


Once visible it thenĀ  stimulates the immune system to develop the correct T-Cell antibodies with which to seek out and attack the virus.


One bottle of Viral200 is sufficient to treat 2-3 cases of active Covid-19 or provide for ~4 months of prophylaxis protection against Covid-19.



If treating an active case of Covid-19 Viral200 will reduce the viral load and noticeably help improve respiratory function within 2-3 hrs of use.


If treated with Viral200, a recently diagnosed sufferer of Covid-19 should expect to be back to 80-90% of pre-Covid health within 48 hours.


Although a Covid-19 sufferer may recover from the acute phase without using Viral200, Viral200 will prevent the onset of Long Covid syndrome.


Solani linnaeani Fructus
4.32% @ 200c 
Uncaria Tomentosa Herba
4.32% @ 200c 
Phosphorus extract
4.25% @ 200c 
Calendula Extract
2.25% @ 200c 
Sepia Officinalis (Cuttlefish Ink)
1.25% 1M 
15%  dispersant/preservative
Double-distilled water to remainder %


One 30ml bottle is sufficient for:

2-3 treatments of active Acute Covid-19 or;


~4 months protection against Covid-19



4 reviews for VIRAL 200

  1. Marleen K, France

    Viral 200. I wanted to protect myself against the COVID19, as our tourist season is starting, and we are welcoming people from all over. I took the first spray before going to bed. That same night I woke up with fever, headache and a sore throat. I was soooo surprised!!! Without knowing I must have had the virus already, but never had any symptoms! With VIRAL-200 I have the chance now to get rid of all the residue still (apparently) present in my body. I have followed the treatment accordingly and have been really sick for the first day. Felt great afterwards!! Happy to have done this!

  2. Peter R, UK

    Ordered this because I had Pneumonia last year and wanted the best protection against the Covid strains. After coming down with a virus I took it and within 24 hours, I was clear. please bear in mind that it usually takes me two weeks to recover from a virus so this was amazing.

  3. Virginia, N. California

    I ordered and bought Viral200 for one of my Covid +ive patients who had been struggling with fever and respiratory distress for 4 to 5 days. I sent her the remedy and within 45 minutes of taking it she said she could breathe better and was 60% improved within 24 hrs. She was so excited: so was I!

  4. Rachel W. Woodstock MD

    Good morning, We are so happy with your Viral-200 spray and it has helped so many family and friends overcome this virus. Just had one question, is there a recommended shelf life for the spray? Thank you!


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